This week in awesome shows

We had packed shows at Fat City and Crusen’s because our fans rule.  Thank you. We felt the love and a few people grabbed our butts to make sure we really felt it. Yeah baby…This week we have three shows at three excellent venues.

WED: The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN. The Bluebird is a legendary venue at one the biggest party schools in the country, IU. John Mellencamp (Hurts So Good, etc) rocked this stage back in the day when he started. The venue is living history. Add .15 cent beers, Wedding Banned, crazy weather, mustaches..It’s gonna be dope. Our second time here!

FRI: Fire Bar and Grill, Crystal Lake, IL. We have played at Fire Bar since it opened about 5 years ago.  The staff and owners are fantastic and treat us well. They have consistently upgraded the club, better sound, better lights, better food and hotter staff. That’s not true, the staff has always been gorgeous. We have loyal fans in the CL and it’s a pleasure to play for them at Fire Bar.

SAT: H.O.M.E Bar- Arlington Heights, IL. Have you been to H.O.M.E Bar? WHY NOT? It’s the bomb. Big room, bad ass lights, sexy sounds, great drinks. We have played there a few times and it’s always a rad crowd. On Saturday our friends Six to Midnight open the show at 8:30. We dominate the stage at 10:15pm. This place is like a nice club that has bands. We know, why the hell are they booking us. Why? Because we have awesome fans!

1/27/15- 115 Bourbon St. Southside! This place rules. Have you seen the new lightshow at Bourbon St. It cost like a million dollars and it looks like it. We will post some pics.

1/28/15- Daddio’s- Bloomington, IL. The AWESOME 80’s Prom. Totally. Dress up in your best 80’s gear and party like its 1989. Win prizes, we will crown a King and Queen of Prom! Costumes strongly encouraged.


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