Cubby Bear- Sat, 1/10-The club where it all started

Wedding Banned hit the scene almost ten years ago. We were told the idea for the band was “Stupid,” “It will never work,” “No one wants to see guys dressed like that,” “Be normal, why do you have to draw attention to yourselves,” “Why would you marry people at a cover band show,” and a hundred other reasons Wedding Banned would fail. After our second show we were approached by a man named Duff of Duff Entertainment. He thought we had a great idea and he asked if we would like to do a Thursday night residency at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. Uh, YEAH, we are a bunch of hicks from Gas City, Indiana, this is the big time! It started slow, but the crowds started to increase. Word spread, this Banned of misfits in tuxedos and mustaches was taking off. When we started we played mostly 80’s music, with some 70’s and 90’s thrown in, because we liked those songs. Musically, the Banned has changed, we can play all 80’s, all 90’s, but we like to mix it up. The lineup has changed as well. Let’s go through all the members who helped make WB what it is today:

bio-pic-vinnieVinnie Van Action: Guitar, has played guitar at every Wedding Banned show. Only his hair styles have changed.
bio-pic-goochThe Gooch: Has played drums at all Wedding Banned shows. When we started he had short hair, but he grew it out.
wb2013poster1finalBruce Winche’ll: Has played bass at every show. He started wearing shorts in 2010.

cub5Sheila: Lovedoll. Been with us since the first show.

Barry Mitchell Timmons: Guitar and keyboards. Was in the Banned for three years. Left to get married and have kids. Quickly joined local cover band “Then Again.” Last we heard he had quit music and moved to Florida to retire.

Captain Mantastic: Singer. Sang with the band for three years. Left to start the “Partyhardigans.” Also sings with “The Breakfast Club” and plays Dick Diamond in “Dick Diamond and the Dusters.”

Linda Ballzenstein: Was hired as the wedding planner about 4 months after the Banned started. She stayed with us for three years before disappearing. She drunkenly showed up to play 8 shows this summer. Whereabouts unknown.

Mayor ManacondaMayor Manaconda: 2009 to present. Lead vocals. Showed up out of nowhere and said, “I was born to be in this band.” We heard him sing, we didn’t argue. He may have a slight drinking problem.
bio-pic-alfredoAlfredo Muffalotta: 2009 to present. Worked with Bruce as a pizza delivery man. We learned he plays guitar, keyboards and is an amazing singer, HIRED!
pic-saxxyEva Saxhauer: 2014 to present. Professional wedding planner, vocals, keyboards. It took us a long time to find a professional wedding planner. She also has a slight drinking problem.

We are pumped to play Cubby Bear on Saturday night with “Stache.” We will have mustaches for everyone to wear. Sheila will be in the house. We are excited to marry a new couple on stage. We are drunk with joy to see our friends. Some of our wildest shows have been at Cubby Bear. We expect this show to be nuts. And remember, Be Sexcellent to each other. Party on!

Here are some old Cubby Bear photos!cub1




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