The Banned


The singers- Indiana Mantana

Lead vocals, Non-Stop Energy

Megan Tron-Wedding Planner, drinking, singing

It's a good hair day

It’s a good hair day

Megan is a superstar

Megan is a superstar



Vinne Van Action

Lead Guitar, Vocals, Sweet hair, “The Asian Sensation”

Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour anythingFavortie Movie: Big Trouble in Little ChinaFavorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whiskey

Favorite Pizza topping: Pizza is not part of my diet

3 Things on a desert island: My yacht, sunglasses and guitar

Dream Date: Rickshaw ride through the city, a sweet guitar solo with the wind blowing through my hair and pyrotechnics

After show meal: cold beer and shots of whiskey

Ted “The Gooch” Spumonte

Drums, Hype man, heart melting smile

Favorite food: Mostacciolli featuring Mama’s special gravyFavorite piece of furniture: My drums, yo!Personal Hero : Pauly Walnuts

What vehicle would you like to drive : 1978 Black Trans Am Firebird with a 405 cubic inch engine

Favorite TV show: Jersey Shore, the writing is superb and they are fantastic actors

Favorite pizza topping: Pizza

Favorite artist: Picasso, you know the guy that cut his ear off

If I wasn’t an international rock star, I would be: a different international rock star

3 things you’d want on a desert island: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead

A dream date with me would include: A romantic evening in Venice as we travel in a gondola drinking box wine and eating cheese whiz on crackers

Bruce Winche’ll

Bass, American Thighs

Favorite movie: Rocky III, Pumping Iron, The Bruce Winche’ll Story in 3D.Favorite candy bar: I don’t eat candy, look at my legs.Favorite body part: My massive thighs

Bench Press and Squat: A lot

If I wasn’t an international rock star, I would be: a regional rock star.

Voted ‘Most Likely To’: Be single. Sometimes they get it right.

On nights off, I: Workout with close personal friends

3 things you’d want on a desert island: How can there be an island in a desert? I’m confused

Tip for the youngsters: If you are getting bullied give me a call, I can beat that kids dad up.