115 Bourbon Street and Awesome 80’s Prom at Daddio’s.

First, thank you all for making our shows at Fire bar and HOME Bar a smashing success. This week we play at 115 Bourbon Street on Friday and Saturday is the Awesome 80’s Prom at Daddio’s. Bourbon Street has party bands, country bands, dj’s, all in the same night in one giant facility. The cover is cheap. The drinks are priced right and the staff is professional. They also have the best light show in the country. This was confirmed by the National Stage, Lighting & Production Association. So come out and see a great show at a legendary venue.

Saturday – Awesome 80’s prom at Daddio’s in Bloomington, Il. We plan on doing this show in several different markets in the Midwest, this being the first. We encourage everyone to dress up in 80’s clothes. We will crown a king and queen. We will award prizes to the best dressed, we will play a lot of 80’s music and it will be AWESOME! Don’t miss this event!

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